Fishing guiding

Ringebu lies in the centre of Gudbrandsdalen, 60 km north of Lillehammer, with large field and forest areas, and many rivers and lakes with good and diverse fishing possibilities.
Lågen is one of the best fishing rivers in Europe. Ringebu Natur offers the following fishing possibilities:


  • Fishing in the Gudbrandsdalslågen
  • Fishing in the Losnavatnet (lake)
  • Fishing after pike in the Mjøsa (lake)
  • Fishing in mountain lakes
  • Fishing in rivers and brooks
  • Ice fishing

Experience the pike-fishing in Mjøsa

Mjøsa – Norways largest lake.
Ringebu Natur offers an experience fishing guide, boat and equipment for pike-fishing in Mjøsa, and trout/perch fishing in Losnavatnet. Transport and accommodation as required.

Capacity: max. 3 active fishers per tour

The offer includes up to 2 hours active fishing with excellent equipment.
The prices depend upon durability and special wishes. Please take contact for further information. The dates and times are agreed upon individual.
We start from small craft harbour in Lillehammer.
“Mjøsa”, which means “the shining”, is Norways largest lake with a total surface of 365 000 decare and depth down to 449 meters. The lake is 100 km long from Minnesund in the south to Lillehammer in the north. We are fishing nearby Lillehammer.

A lot of smaller fish swims to the northern part of Mjøsa every year, and pike in all sizes follows their feed.
The best time for pike-fishing is from when the ice melts in May to ca. the middle of July. Large catching of big bream and perch are also usual.
Zero catch is rare, but when the water- , weather- and wind-condition are especially unfavourable it may happen. Strong wind can make the fishing impossible or dangerous.

Other possibilities

- Rafting and canoe
- Hiking
- Bicycling
- Riding

Accommodation arrangement

- Renting of cabins and seters
- Houses and apartments

Ringebu Natur, Tel.: (+47). 61 28 38 45, Mobile tel.:(+47) 976 87 950 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

046Fiskekurs ved Våla Foto: Snorre Grønnæss

048Rik gjeddefangst på Mjøsa sommeren 2003.

049Glade fiskere med kjempegjedde på 115 cm og 9,3 kg

047Garnfiske Losna. Foto:K. Thujord




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