Flaksjølia - Torsonbua - Venåssetra - Kvanndalen

Flaksjølia - Torsonbua - Venåssetra - Kvanndalen

General information

Here we are in an area between forest and mountains, in “Vigga”, with its special character of nature and plant life. The route goes occasionally over stony ways, and at the end in the naked mountains. These are areas, which have been essential for the existence on the farms in Venabygd at all times.
The route starts along a seter road and continues along a path via Geitlorthøgda to Koietjønna, and along a bad path to Torsonbua. From Venåssetra there is a good path to Kloppbekken. From Klopptjønnet we go over a marked path through the Kvanndal back to Flaksjølia.


Start: Spidbergseter
Length: 20 km
Map: Statens Kartverk No. 1818 III, Ringebu


Seter farming.

Ringebu was Norway’s largest seter municipality before the WW2. Here in Flaksjølia we are at one of the few seters, which still is in traditional use.

View towards Rondane.
From Geitlorthøgda there is a fantastic view in all directions, both towards Venabygd-mountains, Sødorpkjølen as well as Rondane.


We pass by the remainders of one of the most remote domiciles in the village.

 016Ved Torsonbua

Venåssetra, a seter with a special history; large-scale farming and robbery

Gråurda, and its legend.

Måssåbuene and the traditions of lichen as animal fodder.

Accidents - the mountains take lives -

017Utsikt fra Geitlorthøgda





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