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Ski tracks


Since winter 2003 there is a new ski track starting from Sjurstuggurampa, via Flausetra by Ormhaugan and Sygard Bjørgeseter and leading into Sportskapellet. Beyond that the ski tracks are like before.


Ice fishing in Svarttjern and Løtjern when the ice is secure.


Normal rod-fishing starting from 15 May until 15 September.
Otter board fishing in Svarttjønn and Løtjønn from 1 June until 31 July for natives.
september for grunneiere med 3 stk. 24 mm og 3 stk 35 mm garn pr. kort.

Net-fishing in Svarttjønn starting from 1 August until 15 September for landowners with 3 nets of 24 mm and 3 nets of 35 mm per card.
2 fishing rods are allowed per card. Rod-fishing from boat is forbidden.

Card prices:

Day-card NOK 50,-
Week-card NOK 150,-
Season-card native NOK 250,-
Season-card not native NOK 400,-

Som innenbygds regnes alle med adresse Fåvang.

As native ones, count everyone with home address in Fåvang.
The largest fish within the area is awarded.
The fish can be control-weighed with Runar Stenumgard (tlf: 976 12 523)

Catch and hunt

- Small game hunt without dog from 15 September up to 24 September.
- Small game hunt with dog from 10 October up to 23 December.
- Roe-deer hunt from 10 August until 15 September.
- Deer hunt with dog from 10 October until 23 December.
On the deer hunt only rifles are allowed, and only with authorized shooting examination. On the roe-deer hunt are shotguns, rifles and combination weapons allowed. Hunt in the village’s home fields requires the permission of the landowner. All, which hunt together with a person with dog, must have a card for dog. If no animals are killed during the deer hunt, the card also applies to the roe-deer hunt.

For the catch of marten, mink and fox a remuneration of NOK 250 is paid. For the catch of raven, crow and sea gull NOK 25 is paid.

Application for permission for trap hunt must be sent to the association board.

Card prices:

Native without dog NOK 250, -
Native with dog NOK 500, -
Not native without dog NOK 500, -
Not native with dog NOK 1000, -

Counted as native ones are all with home address in Fåvang. The hunt card is to be filled out and sent to the association board within 15 January.

Gopollveien AL

Bestilling av sesong- og årskort kan gjøres hos Fåvang Regnskapskontor på tlf: 61 28 43 30

Ticket prices: 

Goppolveien NOK 50, -
Passage ticket NOK 60, -
Half yearly card NOK 600, -
Year-card NOK 1000, -

Sale of hunt and fishing cards:

Reindeer and moose guest hunt
Ringebu Natur - +47 61283845

Bird hunt and fishing:

YX Kvitfjelltunet gas station Kvitfjelltunet.
Fåvang Sport og Våpen.


Ringebu tourist office.
Mykleseter toll road self-service. Use cash at the toll road-barrier.

Committee and other functions:

Ola Nordrum
tel. 911 44 211
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Second chairman:
Trond Kleven
tel. 905 02 278

Bjørn Sønstevoldshaugen
tel. 970 66 013

Frank Borgemoen
tel. 901 06 423

Fishing responsible:
Erik Rudrud
tel. 913 21 713

Supervision of hunt and fishing:

Runar Stenumgård, tlf. +47 97612523

Mykleseter tollroad:

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