Mya - Myfallet - Dørfallet

Mya - Myfallet - Dørfallet

General information

The route goes mostly over well visited tourist paths in forest terrain and in naked mountains. Both Mya and Døra form deep valleys, and have the highest waterfalls in the Venabygd-mountains.
The tour starts from Venabu and goes over well visited paths down to Mya seter. From there we follow a path to Mytunga and bend right in the Bjønndal down to Myfallet (waterfall). On the route back we cross the path to Mytunga, and go along bad paths via Mytunga to the cliff in Dørdalen. We go to the Dørfall (waterfall). From there we go the path over the Veslfjellet and enjoy the beautiful view from there. Via Forrestadsetra we go along the road back to Venabu.

Start: Venabu.


Map: Statens Kartverk No. 1818 III, Ringebu


Themes- Seter farming with starting point Mya seter. Wood nymph fairytales.

  • Myfallet (waterfall)
  • Storfurua on Mytunga (a large pine-tree)
  • Dørdalen, landscape, legends and events in the Gudbrandsdal’s largest canyon.
  • Dørfallet (waterfall)
  • Veslfjellet with fantastic view over the whole Venabygd-mountains
019Øvre Dørdalen

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