Muvatnet and Flåtjønnet

General information

A tour without the large challenges. We walk in easy-travelled mountain terrain on good-standard footpaths. Open mountain area on the whole route in over 1000 meters height. Dependent on the weather good windproof clothes are required on most days of the year.
The route starts along an easy-travelled road and continues on good paths to Flåtjønn. There are also good paths to Ramshytta.


By the exit from RV27 direction “Mubua”, by Mybrua just before the parking possibilities with Muen.
Length: Approximately 15 km, duration approx. 4 hours
Map: Statens Kartverk No.: 1818 III, Ringebu


Fishing in the mountain lakes.
Muvatnet and Flåtjønn are two of the best trout lakes in the Ringebu-mountains, with old traditions for fishing. Here we present an historical orientation and some taste-samples.


010Dyregrav Bånskardet 


In Bånskardet there is one of the many well kept collections of animal graves in the Ringebu-mountains. What do we know about the use of this old hunt and catch method of reindeer in the village?

View towards Rondane.

From the Flåtjønnglupen we have a magnificent View over the “realm of the wild reindeer” and towards Rondane. We hope to see reindeer.

Botanic and geology.

This is one of the few areas in the Ringebu-mountains where lime-mountains are visible. This gives the area a particularly rich mountain flora with many characteristic plants.

Pasture-land use.

We go to the Ramshytta, one of the oldest and largest sheep pasture-land in Norway. The tradition goes more than 150 years back.


The traffic to the Østerdal over the Ringebu-mountains was always quite large. You will find remainders of former roads of different ages and for different purposes, for example grain transport to the mine societies in Røros and Folldal.

011Mubua mot Muen

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