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The Ice Church is a nature formation which can be experienced from new-year to March, dependent on the rainfall conditions in the autumn and the weather during the winter. The accessibility can sometimes be difficult due to weather and road conditions.
A tour to the Ice Church is a somewhat different winter experience.

The tour is a beautiful experience both during the daytime as well as in the evening when the winter darkness lies in the Tromsdalen.
In the daytime you can see more from the idyllic landscape, which characterize the area, and also the beautiful colours that play in the ice in the church walls.
In the evening you can experience the peace and the atmosphere, which develops as we travel with torches or oil lights on the paths. Perhaps also with the monotonous voice of the eagle owl as the only present witnesses of the rich fauna in the narrow river valley.
A tour to the ice church in the moonlight is an unforgettable experience.

“Fossekallen” (dipper), our national bird, builds its nest in the ice church.


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If you are interested in this tour, please take contact with Ringebu Natur



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