The valley Dørdalen

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The Dørdalen is one of the side valleys, which end into the Våla River with outlet by the Våla Bridge. The valley is recognised to be the largest canyon of the Gudbrandsdal. It forms a deep gap in the landscape, and much of the valley has conifer forest, which to some content is like to primeval forest. But this is a cultivated landscape that the village people in many hundred years have used and marked. The route goes along the river in partial rough terrain, which requires good shoes and condition.
We are going along Døra River on bad paths and must cross the river several times. Dependent on the quantity of water in the river, there usually are no problems. We are dependent on small water quantities to pass through Dørdalsberga. The duration of the tour is dependent on the group, their condition and the weather. We return back on the same route.

Start: We drive by car from Ringebu Centrum, along the toll roads Stulsvegen and Døråmotvegen to Døråmot.

Length: 8 km
Map: Statens Kartverk No. 1818 III, Ringebu



The landscape and nature are very rare for the fact that this is in Gudbrandsdalen. Here there are precipitous mountain sides 2-300 meters up to the mountain plateaus. Here is untouched nature and a vigorous flora.

Hay harvest land.

Here there are 300 years old traditions in hay harvest, from which we still can see traces.


The area is an Eldorado for deer animals, which again lure the large predators in the valley. We see hunt houses and catch traps in Døråmot and Kvanndalstunga.



The flower “M.a. Fjellkvann” (Angelica) is a characteristic plant in the valley, which gave name to Kvanndal. This is traditionally a cultivated plant used as medicine and in food preparation


In so dramatic landscapes there also have been dramatic incidents. How many of them that are real and fictitious, is hard to know today.






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