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Ringebu nature was created 2002 as a three-year project (2003 - 2005), on initiative of the Ringebu Landowners Association in co-operation with Mjøsen Forest-owner Association and the former SND (now Innovation Norway). Ringebu Landowners Association is the project owner and responsible for the administration.


The main objective for the project is to increase the revenue of the fields and forests and create new jobs. The partial goals are:

Better the member’s competence and interest
Long-term resource administration, in combination with new use and business
Develop new products based on the available resources in the fields and forests
Create, establish and develop a contact net for selling the products.

- Tour experiences on the river Lågen, in rivers and lakes with canoes, rafting or boats
- Tour experiences in the nature reserves
- The Pilgrim-road tours
- Guided tours in the fields and forests; Nature, culture, history, geology, flora and fauna
- Winter tours on ski outside of the paths; Canyon tours on the ice-covered rivers
- Fishing; Fly-fishing and other fishing-forms in the Lågen, rivers and lakes
- Moose Safari; Summer and winter
- Guest hunt for moose, reindeers and small game
- Renting of barbecue house, forest cabins, “Stabbur” (old food depots) and seter cabins
- Accommodation; Seter, cabins and farms
- Traditional meals: Service on farms and seter
- Tradition meals: Production and sales
- Cabin service

- 275 Moose
- 280 Reindeer
- A lot of small game
- A lot of fish (World Championship in fly-fishing)
- Rivers with nature reserves (Lågen)
- Over 3000 cabins
- 2 large tourist areas

- 1252 000 M²
- 560 000 M² National area
- 530 000 M² Private fields and forests
- 8 Landowner associations
- Ca 600 landowners

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